Monday, August 31, 2009

All's Fair in Love and Food Choices

I discovered this week that eating healthy on a fairground is not as simple as I had otherwise thought. Shawn and I hit the CNE on Friday night, a yearly tradition that neither of us was willing to give up. Despite The Food Building being one of the biggest you'll ever encounter, the healthy food options are few and far between.

Now, if you want a Beaver Tail, you're totally in luck (though you will have to brave the line to get one), but if you're eating clean you'll have to really scramble. So we made the evening a cheat day, though neither of us felt the urge to get too out of control. We had a chicken shawarma (chock full of veggies, if nothing else) and then split the smallest ice cream we could find. I felt very full.

We were back to eating properly the next morning and I don't think either of us regret the splurge, but I know I'll be hitting the gym extra hard today.

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