Monday, August 24, 2009

Shop 'Cause I Dropped

One of the unintentional benefits of my going (mostly) sugar free has been the transformation in my body. Now, cutting out sugar alone was not enough for me to go down two pant sizes – for that I have to give credit to joining a gym and actually going three days a week, in addition to changing my eating habits. I know, it’s like rocket science – eat well and exercise and suddenly you lose weight and gain muscle. Who knew?

But, in all honesty, this change was a little unexpected. I wanted to get healthy, I wanted to possibly fix my chronic stomach issues (still currently plaguing me) and I wanted to avoid long-term diseases down the road. I really had no desire to buy a new wardrobe. In fact, that’s the last thing I wanted.

Sure, I love to shop as much as the next girl, but shopping costs money and that’s not in great supply right now. It’s been getting harder and harder to avoid, though, and last week I finally had to give in and buy some new dress pants for the office. There’s nothing that says ‘efficient public relations professional’ quite like khaki pants that are drooping at the ass and barely staying up.

So I have two new pairs of office pants and five days in the work week. I’ve been getting by in dresses that are just a little baggy and the few outfits that sort of still fit, but a major shopping spree is in my future. I’m not sure how much my wallet will like the expedition, but at least I have a valid excuse these days.

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