Tuesday, September 8, 2009

State of the Sugar Address

It’s been a few months since I started my journey towards better health and a cleaner diet. There have been many ups and downs as I figured out what worked for me and what didn’t and while I tried to manage my new lifestyle.

Looking back, there were moments I caved when I wish I hadn’t, but those incidents also helped me to realize how little my body actually wants the foods that I couldn’t resist before. And there have been times where little splurges helped keep my spirits up and my resolve in place. It’s been about balance.

I also have a wonderful support system in place. My hubby cooks all our meals and was thrilled when I suggested eating healthier. I think sometimes he wishes I had his same ability to indulge in moderation, but he understands my struggles and is happy to experiment with fresh, healthy food that is both delicious and nutritious. This would have been a much harder few months without coming home to his avocado, mango and grilled chicken salad or brown rice and bean medley, among dozens of other mouth-watering dinners.

And the ladies at my gym, Christine’s Fitness, have been such an amazing support and resource to me. I had no idea that working out three days a week could shape and sculpt my body so quickly and effectively. I am not killing myself in my workouts, as I had feared, but I am definitely pushing harder each time I'm there. With so many gyms to choose from in Toronto I am forever glad that I made the right choice with them. They are always there to answer a question or help guide me towards making healthier decisions and they are also some of the nicest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

There are still struggles. I eat out too often and it’s hard to make good choices when I step out of Shawn’s home cooking zone. I’ve had moments where I over-indulged in salty snacks, especially when my body was in the initial stages of re-adjusting. And there are times when I am tired and hungry and just want to eat whatever. But as time passes it’s easier to not fall off the wagon. I’m learning to eat out without eating myself to death and I’m finding a whole new community online to help me navigate the tougher moments. Life is good.

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