Saturday, October 24, 2009

Comfort Food and KD

I’ve been comfort eating this week. I’m not sure what it is – maybe the cold, dreary weather, work stress or just plain old PMS, but I have really struggled to eat properly this week. And it’s shown. At the gym yesterday morning I felt exhausted and the routine that was easy three days ago seemed to take all the energy I had. I got through it, but instead of the usual energy burst a good work-out brings on I felt kind of… sapped! Not so good when it’s 8:30am on a work day.

But it’s my own fault. All week my body has been screaming for, of all things, Kraft Dinner. Growing up, I practically lived on this stuff, especially when I first lived away from home. It’s quick, easy and oh-so-tasty. It’s also a major calorie-bomb and as far from clean eating as I could get. I gave in last night anyway and I’m definitely regretting it today. Now, if it was just the KD alone, I probably wouldn’t be feeling the effects so much, but my body has had the major munchies this week and I’ve given in a few times – a mango martini and teeny tiny dessert at my best friend’s birthday dinner, a few too many Garden Fresh tortilla chips (which, thankfully, are a better choice then most chips), more than my share of Kashi bars (again, better than most, but still not the best option) and, worst of all, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch two days this week.

Partly, it’s that Shawn has been busy with school and social obligations and hasn’t been making all my meals. I tend to get lazy when he isn’t doing the cooking in our house, which I know is a problem. I can also see that stress, fatigue and other factors have played into my bad eating week – causing a downward spiral: Giving in and eating badly when I was feeling tired and stressed only made me feel worse and less enthusiastic about eating properly. I’m sure that a few days eating clean will have me feeling good again in no time.

And I do look at the little victories – I still kept my sugar intake fairly low (no gummy bear meltdowns or ice cream overloads), I chose better food options for my comfort splurges than I might otherwise have (those peanut butter sandwiches were on 100% whole wheat bread) and didn’t run to the store for Dorritos.

Here’s to doing a better job next week and to making it through Halloween without going into a candy coma.

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