Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wellness Overload

I may be overdoing it. I came to that realization last night when I got home at 8pm after a doctor’s appointment, a full day of working, and an acupuncture appointment. I rushed in the door and then had to navigate a few details for the get-together I’m helping plan for the Social Committee at our co-op (I’m the chair), send some emails about a baby shower that I’m helping organize and print out a few more chapters of my friend’s novel. I volunteered to read her draft awhile ago, but keep getting caught up in other things. It’s actually really good, so I should be more proactive, but it keeps slipping off my radar.  Now she’s coming into Toronto this weekend, so I have to finish up in the next few days, but…

I also have to finish re-reading Emma for my book club, which is meeting on Tuesday. I’ve been doing my best, but with acupuncture and chiropractic twice a week (and the requisite stretching and icing for days after that follows), meditation class on Saturdays (and the twice a day 5-minute practice sessions that I need to do to keep up), working out three days a week (but not my upper body because weight training and chiropractic treatments don’t mix) and everything else in between, it’s not really going so well.

Somehow, in my quest to live a healthy, balanced life I have managed to over-program myself substantially. This has become increasingly apparent as Shawn and I try to navigate the loss of our beloved kitty on top of everything else. Grieving the loss of yet another member of our family, we need time together more than ever. But I am home less and less and when I am home I’m busy reading, stretching, planning…

It’s not an unfamiliar story, I know. Most of my friends are doing the over-programmed dance. We get up early, we work full days, we try to participate, we manage our healthcare, we try to get to the gym, we try to do it all. But is doing it all helpful?

This week I need to cook a meal as part of one of my ongoing life-skills challenges. But I keep forgetting to tell Shawn the groceries I need to get for that because I haven’t had time to pick them up myself. I need to take a boxing lesson, because my chiropractor thinks that’s my best bet for an upper body workout without further damaging my shoulders, but even though MY HUSBAND IS A BOXING INSTRUCTOR I haven’t been able to fit that in just yet. So the plan is to do that tonight. After I get home from the gym and before we eat dinner, which we hope to do before nine…

And then I will read more Emma and more of my friend’s novel (if Shawn has been kind enough to change the printer cartridge I didn’t get a chance to replace) and I will ice my shoulders and I will practice my meditation and I will write in my gratitude journal and then I will drink my hot milk to combat my insomnia and then, hopefully, I will sleep. But who knows?

The blog has suffered because of my insane schedule, I know. So has all of my writing. And I’m exhausted. Thankfully, my chiropractic treatments are scheduled to end within a few weeks and then, mercifully, I should have a chance to breathe again. Knowing me, I will find a way to fill that time.

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