Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Truth is Out There

Recently, Shawn and I started watching season one of The X-Files. We have tons of stuff on DVD, but for some reason that one caught my attention. It had been an impulse purchase at HMV when I saw it on sale and remembered how much I loved that show as a kid. Now, when I had that thought I could also have flashed back to how disappointing some of my childhood favourites are when viewed through a 2010 lens. The Facts of Life? Thundercats? Um, yeah, not so awesome with age.

But The X-Files has held up surprisingly well. Sure, the advanced FBI computers are the size of a smart car and the cel phones are laughably large, but the stories? They’re still really compelling. We watched an episode recently about Mulder and Scully being stranded in the icy wilderness with a team of scientists and a deadly worm that makes the infected person homicidal. It sounds weird, but it was a great hour of television. Sure, the graphics are laughable and the special effects aren’t all that special, but it’s a great reminder that good TV is really all about the writing.


toady said...

Have you watched the show "Fringe"? We love, love, love it!!!

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