Monday, August 30, 2010


Life has been getting away from me lately. It’s a common lament on my blog, often the one I make when I realize that I haven’t updated in a month or more. Yikes. Usually the summer months are calmer, leaving me lots of time to write and reflect, but this summer has been the exception.

There have been weddings and funerals, birthdays and new babies – not to mention work stress, volunteer projects, new business ventures and a whack of stuff in between. So life is busy, but good.

We’ve continued to cut down on our T.V. watching, as per my previous posts. We’re sticking with the plan to watch only shows that we really love and we’re hoping to stay the course on that one. With True Blood ending and Dexter starting, we know that we’ll have at least a few more weeks of amazing TV to look forward to. I’ve also decided to keep up with Glee and The Good Wife in the fall (OK, I admit it, SVU will sneak in there too), but beyond that, we’ll see. I’ve become addicted to HBO documentaries on The Movie Network and Shawn still lives and dies by The Food Network, so that will likely be our go-to on night’s when we’d just like to veg on the couch.

But mostly it will be reading and writing, talking and thinking. I’ve been devouring books this summer – I just finished Ann Rule’s excellent book about Ted Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me, and Shawn convinced me that I should read Chuck Liddell’s bio, which isn’t too bad at all. I’m not sure what’s up next, but I’m thinking that Jancee Dunn looks mighty good.

Our clean eating has slipped a bit over the summer – cottage vacations will do that – but we’re still doing the best we can. Shawn has been cooking amazing, healthy food and I’ve been eating it! We’ve cut way down on our sodium and, save for a few cheat days, we have kept out refined sugar consumption under control. The CNE did us both in, as we had to try the fancy mac and cheese (worth it) and we split a fried Mars bar just to see what the hype was about (so not worth it – yuck). Food has become something we are both really passionate about and I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m putting in my mouth these days and why. Stress = bad choices, so cutting stress is key.

And I’m working out more than ever. I had a two-week break when we went away and then had a work-from-home week, but I’ve been back with a vengeance. Shawn also bought a medicine ball at the recent Can-Fit-Pro conference, so I see a few new workouts with that in my future. I also want to take more Krav Maga classes. I love how powerful and strong I feel these days!

So life is good and busy and fun. And when I slipped into that size 2 Ann Taylor dress for a wedding this weekend, I felt pretty darn fantastic. Sure, it was a big size 2, but after years and years as a 10 there is nothing better than being able to slip on something you couldn’t squeeze over your thighs a year ago. If my motivation is hot pink and orange with matching pink shoes, so be it!

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