Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Toxic Bathroom

Living a healthy lifestyle is hard. This should be obvious simply by comparing the number who manage with the number who fail miserably. I think I do OK. I try harder than most people I know and I’ve stuck with it longer than many do. But each time I make a positive change in my life I realize that I’ve only made a minimal amount of progress in the drive to live my best life.

Sure, I eat mostly clean, I work out three days a week, I turn off the TV more often and I read and write more than ever, but there’s still so much more to do. We’re working on cutting down our sodium levels, increasing our protein levels and, for me, eating more vegetables (fruit is easy, veggies more challenging).
And recently I’ve started learning more about the chemicals that are invading all our lives. I was aware of those things before, but never really paid as much attention to that as I should have. We try to buy organic when we can afford it, I look at food labels and I don’t buy things with ingredients that I don’t understand. But then I read this amazing web post on It’s about The Story of Cosmetics, a powerful video that you should really watch: 

Now, I confess, I am a princess when it comes to my products. I like my skin soft and polished, I love pretty make-up and I adore sweet-smelling lotions and body washes. But I thought I made good choices overall. The companies I purchased from seemed to be more ‘natural’ ones. So imagine my horror when I went into The Cosmetics Safety Database and discovered that so many of the products I slather on all the time are full of scary chemicals. The Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion that I love was a very scary 8 out of ten!!

Shawn and I have been slowly switching from plastic containers to glass, we recycle and we use environmentally friendly cleaning products (including a whole lot of vinegar and baking soda) to keep the chemical count in our home lower, so this was particularly scary for us and it was a reminder that trying to live healthy is hard. Really hard. I applaud this group’s fight to get the government to regulate what is allowed to be put into our personal products. Looks like I will be cleaning out my bathroom cupboards this weekend!

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ChrisOnTheRoad said...

Hey Krista,

Good post - I've been suckered in by the "Natural" label a few times too on personal care products. Now, I get pretty much everything from the health food store, and I make my own aftershave based on a recipe I found in an Alive magazine years ago. Partly I started doing these things because I really, really don't like the artificial stinks that are added to a lot of mainstream products.