Friday, October 8, 2010

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving so close (for us Canucks anyway), I wanted to take a moment and give thanks. I’ll fully acknowledge that I got this idea from Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s blog (which I read every day and which you should too), but I’m sure she won’t mind me using yet another one of her brilliant ideas.

My Thanks List 2010

  • That I married a wonderful man who loves me to the moon and back. Plus, he cooks us yummy healthy meals three times a day, there’s not enough gratitude in the world to say how thankful I am for that.
  • That I learned all about real, unconditional love when I adopted my sweet, sweet Gomez from Toronto Cat Rescue. He was living in a wood pile in someone’s backyard when he was rescued by friends of ours who volunteer with TCR. The moment I saw his sweet little eyes I knew he was meant to be with me. He’s my first kitten and my heart still bursts with love whenever he comes near.
  • That I have an amazing support system of friends who are always there to help me through whatever life throws my way.
  • The gift of time that unemployment brings. I’d much rather be working, but sometimes life throws you a curve and I’m grateful to have the opportunity and the means to push the pause button for a little while.
  • The knowledge about what’s really in the food I eat and the products I use. I am learning every day and putting that knowledge to work trying to live a cleaner life and spread the word to others so that they can too.
  • The gift of exercise, because when you really give in to it, it’s such a gift. My body feels strong, my soul feels nourished and it really has helped to keep me calm and balanced.
I think it’s so important to always remember all that we have, even when we’re going through difficult times. Positive energy is so much more productive than negative!

What are you feeling thankful for this year?

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