Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home Remedies

I woke up this morning feeling like I had started my cold all over again. All the progress I had made seemed to have evaporated overnight and I was a stuffy, sneezing coughing mess. This totally went against all that I knew about battling a cold. I had stayed home and rested instead of visiting friends or hitting Nuit Blanche (which I hated to miss). I had been drinking fluids, avoiding dairy and refined sugar, getting lots of sleep and using HydraSense to clear out my sinuses. I should not still be sick, let alone sicker.

So I did what any modern girl does – I posted my dilemma on my Facebook page and asked my wonderful group of far-flung friends what to do. Chef Dez, who is an amazingly talented chef, suggested the Neti pot, which he swears by. I’d already seen that Dr. Oz, who I unrepentantly think is awesome, was a fan, so I was sold. Then the lovely Jennie Vicious, of the equally amazing Vicious Guns, chimed in with her remedy – a clove of minced garlic with a chaser of fresh lemon juice and water.

Shawn and I dutifully set out to find the needed implements and returned home laden with our home remedies. The Neti pot was definitely a unique experience. I do believe that Shawn will regret offering to read the instructions while I attempted to use it for the rest of his life.  His marriage vows definitely didn’t include a clause to stay with me even when I’m draining my sinuses in the bathroom sink, but I’m glad that he seems willing to nonetheless.

Then he very sweetly minced up some garlic for me and squeezed out a lemon. I think he expected the actual eating of these items to be needed comic relief following the whole Neti pot incident, but it all went down rather easily. Of course, now I’m all paranoid that I smell like garlic. You just know that I’ll get called for a job interview tomorrow – moments after I’ve swallowed another clove.

But I have my fingers crossed that between Jennie’s twice a day garlic and lemon trick and my new Neti pot, I’m on my way to wellness. I do love the whole ability to breathe through my nose part a whole lot, so there’s definite progress.

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good luck....i just ride out a