Friday, November 26, 2010

Back at the Sugar Shack

A few of you have been kind enough to ask about my clean eating/sugar fast recently. For those who don’t know, a year ago last July I decided to mend my sugar addict ways and go cold turkey on the white stuff and the artificial stuff too. I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and dropped my sugar intake substantially.

That was the start of my clean eating and exercise kick and has led to the green living that you’ve been reading about recently. Having a healthy body inevitably leads to wanting a healthy home and planet too. It’s something I’ve become incredibly passionate about, but I won’t lie and say that it’s been easy or that I haven’t fallen off the wagon a time or ten.

Recently, I’ve found the sugar creeping back into my life. I always made allowances for special occasions or moments that I didn’t want to miss, but with the loss of my job I found that I was making more excuses to eat sweets. As with any addictive behaviour, it can be easy to slide back into it, especially during stressful times. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that sugar can be a wonderful thing – I’m just one of those people that tends to go a bit crazy with it, so I need to be more mindful. I also didn’t realize until I started my sugar purge just how much sugar was in the food I was eating. These days sugar is in far more than candy and baked goods – it’s in just about all processed food items, so even giving up desserts isn’t enough to get sugar out of your system.

So I haven’t been great lately and that’s something I’m determined to change. I’ve been working out more than ever, making green changes, eating lots of fresh produce, eating more locally-sourced food and doing so many of the positive things that I know are good for my body and my mind. It’s just made me realize that I need to increase my resolve and try harder to say no to the sugar that I don’t really want or need – it makes the occasional treats that much sweeter and I know that I’ll feel a million times better when I get back on track.

Thanks to everyone for all the support I’ve received on this journey. I realize now that you can’t make these kind of sweeping life changes without a few cheerleaders and I’ve been lucky to have far more than a few!!

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Ashley said...

AWESOME Krista! Sounds like you are treating yourself and this planet fantastically! I wish I could cut the sugar out like that. I am trying lately to only eat REAL food. I don't want my son to grow up on the junk they put in just about all food you can buy these days! I was just at Costco with my dad yesterday and saw a demonstration for this thing called Vitamix. It was AMAZING!!!! I want one so incredibly bad lol
This is their website...
I normally don't even bother watching demos like this, but my dad apparently has one and got me to watch. My mind was blown. Finally an easy way to eat 100% whole, healthy food! I look forward to the day I can afford it lol
Keep up the great work though! :)