Friday, February 18, 2011

Changing the World - One Toxin at a Time

I was visiting my cousin and her baby last weekend and we started talking about how ridiculous it is that our government allows toxic products to be sold. As a busy mom, she felt guilty when she went to Wal-Mart and gave in and let her daughter have a toy she wanted, even though she wasn't sure about all the things that were in it.
That really hit me. I am someone who looks at every label, tries to figure out what's in everything, but it takes a huge amount of time and effort. If I had a child, or children, how would that change my ability to do that? I know it would not affect my desire to do it, but with a young child wriggling in the cart, would I have the time or energy?

But the biggest thing that stuck me was why should we have to check everything? And why are we making parents feel guilty when they don't or can't?Shouldn't there be laws in place? Checks and balances that ensure that when you buy something it doesn't contain lead or other toxins?
Lately, I've felt more and more that protecting children is my calling. When I combine that with my passion for the environment I see a path where I can do my part to lobby and advocate for change. Maybe I can't work at Environmental Defence just yet (I did try, for what it's worth), but I can volunteer, I can support them financially and I can write. I already write a lot about these issues, but expect a few more updates along these lines.
Does it fit with this blog's healthy living theme? I definitely think that it does. Choosing to live a healthy life, through both body and soul, is one of the most important things I have ever done. I think that working to ensure that a healthy life is possible for future generations is a perfect extension.

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