Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Update on the March Resolutions

So March has finally arrived and, with it, the start of my March Resolutions. To be honest, I actually started on the great eat-in experiment about a week ago. My body and my wallet were tired of all the eating out at restaurants, so I decided to go cold turkey a week in advance. My pants are already looser.
I suspect, however, that this resolution will be tougher to keep than I expected. I’ve already had two offers for dinners out, which were definitely tempting. I had to meet my sister-in-law this week so she could pay me for the Glee tickets I’d bought us. She dangled Salad King as an idea and I definitely faltered, but I explained my resolution and she was happy to meet at Starbucks instead. Although I made her swear that we would hit Salad King in April. Heck, it’s my birthday month!
And an equally sweet friend offered to take me out for sushi, which was also insanely tempting. I’m actually still debating if the eat-in rule would be broken if I bought pre-made sushi at the grocery store and brought it home to eat. Does that actually count? I mean, sometimes we buy a pre-made this or that at the grocery store, so it doesn’t seem to be such a huge deal. Thoughts?
I guess that question will be part of setting parameters for this exercise. I’ve already had to decide that the eat-in resolution relates only to food. It seems totally unreasonable to try and avoid any sort of ingestible item at all. Being able to grab a tea at Starbucks or have a drink or two at a concert with friends allows me to continue to have somewhat of a social life during the experiment. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I can have a Starbucks Vivano smoothie, my usual treat from there. It may be fruit, milk and protein powder (all healthy), but it’s definitely more of a food than a drink!
The writing part of the challenge has been going well so far. I’m only one day in, of course, but I loved the feeling of setting up the laptop on our bed last night and just writing and writing and writing. I’m going for 1,500 words every day and I’m determined to stick with it. We’ll see how it goes.
I’ve also added in a resolution. I realized that my workout routine needed a bit of an energy injection, so I decided that in March I would try out a few different classes and find a good fit. I started with Boot Kick (a combo of boot camp and kickboxing) and I like it! It may not be a perfect fit, but it’s a start and I’m going to give Zumba a try too. I already feel like I’m in better shape and I feel more motivated to get to the gym every day.
Did you make any resolutions for March? How are they going?

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