Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Club is Back

Some of you may remember that I was in a book club years ago. I loved it! But when Invest in Kids closed, so did our staff book club. I haven’t stopped reading (I managed 63 books in 2011 – a personal record), but I did stop talking about books in a meaningful way. I still chatted with people on Twitter now and then, but real book-club-style conversations were few and far between.

Recently, one of my co-workers started a book club and invited me to join. I immediately said yes. Our first book was A Lesson Before Dying, which was incredibly powerful, and I loved the lively conversation and different opinions of everyone who attended. There’s something so amazing about the opportunity to discuss a book with others – you get to see things so differently and experience the book in ways you might not have considered.

I think that having smart, thought-provoking conversations is so important to living a healthy, fully-experienced life and I’m so glad that book club is back in mine. We’re reading The Night Circus next and I am looking really forward to that. I’ve heard great reviews and I’m sure it will evoke some fantastic conversations.

Anyone else in a book club? Why do you like being involved?

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