Sunday, January 15, 2012

Your Mouth: The Gateway to a Healthier You

Recently, I picked up a copy of Your Mouth: The Gateway to a Healthier You by Dana G. Colson, D.D.S. I started reading it in the lobby at my doctor’s office and it was a great way to pass the time – especially because my doctor (who is fabulous) often runs a bit behind. Dr. Colson’s belief is that the mouth is the gateway to a lot of health issues and that by treating it well we can be healthier and happier.

Some of the dental/oral health issues covered were ones that I was already familiar with, but I really enjoyed how she incorporated yoga and yogic thinking into having a healthy mouth. She had great exercises, many based in yogic practice, that could be used to improve your oral health and how your smile looks overall. It was definitely interesting and practicing the exercises was really beneficial. I have only done yoga in a limited way so far, but I’ve always wanted to do more. I’m going to try to incorporate these exercises into my life – and I’m definitely going to try to smile more. I think that’s one of the best tips of all – because smiling helps you exercise your mouth, but it also lifts the spirits of you and those around you. That’s something worth embracing.

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