Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sticking to the Plan

This weekend, we’ll set out to purchase the groceries needed for our up-coming fitness challenge. It’s a good opportunity to look at our grocery list and our meal planning and to see what changes we can make. I’m not sure we’ll follow the meal plan to the letter, but it’s a start – and it looks to be a good one. There are lots of tasty options and it seems pretty well-rounded.

I’m concerned about a few of the things suggested– consuming protein bars for one thing – but we’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty open to trying new recipes and I’m eager to see if this will help kick-start my lunches. I’ve felt that those were seriously lacking in the creativity department of late.

It will also be interesting for me to find substitutes for turkey and pork – two things that I don’t eat, along with red meat. I know some people think turkey and chicken are the same thing, but I’m not one of them. If I have to substitute chicken for all three meats, it will mean A LOT of extra poultry in my diet. Hopefully, I can figure out some lean seafood options that are high in protein and low in calories.

I’m already worried about how we will manage to plan all these meals, on top of everything else. Right now I have my morning schedule pretty much down – adding in making a different breakfast means getting up even earlier. My current staple of plain oatmeal with ground flax, almonds, walnuts , cinnamon and a few raisins is fast, easy and delicious. Plus, it’s packed with good-for-me nutrients and keeps me feeling full well into the morning.  Creating omelets and hashes means extra time and more dishes to wash.

For lunches, my hubby usually takes over and makes everything. But with personal training clients and MMA classes after a work day that ends at 7pm I’m not sure that will hold up with the new plan. He may make a lot of it on the weekends, but that would mean some serious planning (and working around our already too-full schedule). I’ll definitely help out as much as I can, but cooking is not my strong suit.

Dinner, well, again that will be a tough one. Currently, he cooks most of the time. That means we often eat late. But if he’s not home until 10pm, it’s all me. And I am not great at coming up with healthy options unless they’re spelled out for me. I also hate cooking raw meat – so the meal plan will definitely have its challenges.
Add in that we need to do a one-hour workout six days a week and this is looking more and more like a major mountain to climb. But I’m willing to try. After all, you’ll never see any results if you don’t put in at least some effort.

Have you ever followed a specific meal plan? How did it go? Were you able to stay on track?

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