Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Iced Coffee Meltdown

I’ve never been a coffee drinker – I find it makes me jittery. So I stick with tea and that’s been just fine until recently. I blame McDonald’s and their $1 summer drink special. It started off with grabbing an iced coffee now and then when Shawn was getting one on the weekend. I’d get skim milk and half sweet or sugar-free to avoid the extra calories.

Sometimes they’d make me jittery, but not always, and after awhile it became a lot less of an issue. Everyone in my department is going for coffee? It’s super hot out? Grab me an iced coffee! Or I’d wander out for a walk at lunch and find myself in front of McDonald’s with my $1.05 already in hand.

Everything about this habit screams out to me as wrong. Caffeine is something I don’t like and avoid, even half-sweet the drinks do contain sugar and even with skim milk there are calories involved. I convince myself it’s not as bad as candy and that might be true, but it’s definitely not a good choice. Still, I find myself saying yes more often than not.

I find myself wishing that a David’s Tea would pop up in the neighbourhood. I love their drinks and their iced tea is a million times better for me than iced coffee. Even with agave or honey, it’s a much better option. I bought myself a David’s Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker and have been making iced tea at home, but that doesn’t help when the iced coffee urge hits on a Tuesday afternoon.

I’m promising myself that this stops at the end of the summer and I hope I can stick with that. I've also made a point of not going every day - a few times a week seems bad enough. I don’t want to become addicted to caffeine (although I fear it’s already started) and I would much rather put tea in my body than a mix of caffeine, sugar and whatever else they put in those syrups. Yuck.

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