Monday, June 18, 2012

Organ Donors

Recently, I read about how Facebook is going to add organ donor status as part of its overall profile information. I loved this idea, as it’s a great way to publicly state your intention and ensure that there is no confusion if that decision ever needs to be made.

I registered as an organ donor when I went to have my health card renewed a few years ago. The information was available on the desk in front of me, but the gentleman who was serving me seemed surprised when I asked about it. I was surprised that he hadn’t brought it up. It just seemed so obvious that if you asked people about it they were more likely to say yes then if you waited for them to notice the information pamphlets sitting there.  But that wasn’t the case then.

My understanding is that this has now changed and that more people are asked. I hope that’s true. So many times people don’t think about that sort of thing or, if they do, they don’t know how to register. A lot of people who want to do it just never get around to it – and that’s such a shame. Organ donors save lives – and the more we do to help support registration, the more lives we can potentially save.

Are you an organ donor? How did you learn about registering?

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