Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ups and Downs

Living a healthy lifestyle is hard, but it's doable. I can look at the week past and think that, while I didn't entirely achieve what I'd planned, I did pretty well. I did 3 P90X workouts (of a planned five) and hit the gym once. I ate as close to the meal plan as possible, save for sliding off course at two parties I attended. The gourmet grilled cheese sandwich was likely the bigger splurge than the handful of chips and vegan cake slice, but still. Not a perfect week, but a pretty good one. Next week I'm hopeful for better, but will try and be happy either way.

I learned a lot about myself too. I don't think I'll ever be the person who says no to a slice of birthday cake or who can withstand the pull of something truly fabulous. But by eating properly the rest of the week and working out regularly, I think I balance those splurges better. That said, the sugar crash after the birthday cake, well, it really wasn't worth it. This week hasn't always been easy, but I feel better and that's the most important thing.

Moving into next week, I'm hopeful that things will be a lot easier. And that I'll get in more workouts. I have one planned for this weekend too, so that will be one more than usual. Do you find it easy to work out on the weekends? That's definitely the hardest time for me to get my act together!

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