Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market

On Thursday, July 19th, I attended a Tweet-up at Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market hosted by Vicki from Mom Who Runs. I love Tweet-ups and was excited to attend this one – I’ve known Vicki on Twitter forever, but had never met her in person. I love any opportunity to meet with the people I communicate regularly with on the site. It’s always fun and a great way to meet people.
For more information on the Farmer’s market, which is absolutely fantastic, I recommend that you check out Vicki’s post on the Mom Who Runs blog – she has a great overview of all there is to do there. Since we often go to the market at Riverdale Farm on Tuesdays, I had expected to have a similar experience at Dufferin Grove. It’s actually quite a bit bigger, however, and there is an emphasis on prepared foods that I haven’t seen at Riverdale. Both are great, but Dufferin Grove definitely offers more diversity and options.
Spring roll from Earth & City
I started out with a spring roll from Earth & City – it was tons of veggies wrapped in a collard green leaf. It was full of veggie goodness and super yum. After that, I walked around a bit and then treated myself to a cinnamon bun at another vender. This was a huge treat and SO sweet. I barely made it halfway through, but Shawn was happy to help me finish it over the next few days.
Huge, but yummy, cinnamon bun
I also picked up some kale and onions for a great price, some fresh local blueberries and some baked goods made of rice flour to share with my gluten-sensitive friend at the office.  A good haul and I felt great to be supporting local farmers and businesses.
This was a fairly small tweet-up and many were busy parents who couldn’t stay too long, but I really enjoyed meeting everyone. I had some great food, met new and interesting people and discovered a fantastic new place in the city. Definitely a successful Thursday evening! A huge thanks to Vicki for organizing this.
Do you have a favourite farmer’s market? I’d love to hear about it!

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