Saturday, June 22, 2013

Help Build a Winery

When I started to fall in love with wine, one of my earliest supporters was John Sqauir, then at Sandbanks Winery in Prince Edward County. He has continued to be a huge influence on my wine education and a wonderful friend who has generously invited me out on many wine tasting adventures. He is one of my favourite people in the wine industry.

John and his lovely wife, Sacha, have recently begun work on their dream – Three Dog Winery – and I couldn’t wish them more success with this challenging endeavour. I wasn’t able to make it out to their recent planting party (though by all accounts it was a wonderful and very dirty success), but I can contribute to their Indiegogo fundraising campaign. I may not have much to give, but I think it’s so important to help truly good people create something special.

And Three Dog will be very special – John and Sacha envision a place where dogs can play (they have three Golden Retriever rescues) and artists can create. They want to help local artisan chefs and provide space for local food stuffs to be sold. Three Dog will be a community within the thriving PEC community and I can’t wait to visit.

Interested in learning how you can help? Check out their Indiegogo fundraising page and read more about their dream – then consider making a donation. There are fun and interesting items available in return for your contribution and every penny really does count.

Three Dog Winery on IndieGoGo:

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