Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wine on Tap Part 2

Photo provided by Versay
Apologies that I’m so far behind with some of these experience posts – seems that between work and wine school there is never enough time to get caught up. I’m hopeful that will change now that I’m taking the fall off school, but no promises

In June, I attended the launch of wine on tap at the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Eight Wine Bar. I’d never been to Eight Wine Bar and I was excited to check it out, especially since I’m a huge fan of any establishment that offers wine on tap. I just think wine on tap is really the best way to ensure that those who order by the glass are getting a great glass of wine every time. The wine taps ensure that no glass is ever oxidized and the advantages in terms of the environment are undeniable – wine on tap is definitely the future.

My original Wine of Tap post remains one of the most popular on the blog. I think that’s because people are really curious about how this concept works and why it’s worth checking out. Now, I am still one of those who believes that there will always be a need and a place for wine in bottles. I love wine bottles and collect corks, so I am not someone who would like to see those established norms change. I do think, however, there is room to expand our horizons in terms of how wine is delivered. If I go out for a glass of wine and the bar offers a selection on tap, I know that the wine I get will be as fresh as it would have been from a newly opened bottle. That’s important to me and I think it will lead to more people discovering just how good wine can be when you never get a glass that has been tainted by being open just a bit too long.

Eight Wine Bar
The wine taps at Eight Wine Bar (as well as at my perennial favourite Rock Lobster) are provided by Versay and they are really quite attractive. We had the chance to see them in action at the event and I was impressed by how sleek and stylish they are. Those who think that wine on tap can’t be aesthetically pleasing will be surprised at just how fashionable these taps are. Thanks to the nice people at Versay for providing a photo of the unit similar to what is at Eight Wine Bar. It was quite dark at the event, so my photos aren’t this nice!

At Eight Wine Bar we got to sample several of the wines on tap. Three of them were from Vineland Estates, which I was thrilled to see. I think it’s great when wine bars are able to showcase some of Ontario’s best wines and Brian Schmidt at Vineland has some fabulous options. It’s definitely a go to when I see Vineland wines on a menu. I wasn’t disappointed by the wine on offer (though I was surprised to see Pinot Meunier as an option – not a wine many would expect). I enjoyed all three Vineland selections, though my favourite was the Chardonnay. I also enjoyed the Italian Pinot Grigio on the menu that night.

And the food at Eight Wine Bar was fabulous – it was so great to try their new sampling menu, including some of the best lobster sliders I have ever had. I am definitely looking forward to my next visit and the chance to try more wine on tap!

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